About Littletrapslave: By the way I do have a new account so message me on here and ask for it and I will give it to all who ask when I next log on~ Hi everyone! Welcome to my profile Kiss kiss! Anyone is welcome~ I am up for almost anything.. not all but most.. If you want to talk i dont mind =D but otherwise i AM up for anything.. pretty much I will say if im not into something so come find out ;) Name:Sylvia . Age:18 Gender:male (trap, femboy, etc..) Sexuality:pansexual (idc who you are male, female, futas. beast.. just come.. btw i am leaning towards males) and yes i LOVE beasts.. like minotaurs or nags (as long as you dont put this pretty body to stone) Fetishes:BDSM(watersports.. depending out one does it), cum, domination, pet play. beastiality(maybe), incest, .. and ALOT more.. so cum and find out more